Slumlord Enterpise Vendors — Are They Holding Back Your Transformation?

September 12th, 2018

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It’s always difficult to watch a friend suffer. Here’s a story I hear a lot lately:

A company is undergoing a transformation and have reached a place where they’re thinking about end-to-end service design. That’s when they remember that they’ve outsourced a lot of operational systems, meaning key bits of data that are required to run a responsive, agile business are owned by an outside vendor. When they go to the vendor to retrieve this data, little information is forthcoming free of charge, and it’s expensive just to get an estimate for data retrieval. Eventually, it turns out to be too expensive to move forward, so nothing is done. The transformation limps along wounded, and leadership blames “the agile” instead of taking a hard look at the vendor. (more…)